Women’s Boot Camp

Welcome to Rummel Creek Women’s Boot Camp. We hope you find the information you
need here and that you will decide to join us in your goal to get fit.

Before you attend either bootcamp, you must fill out a

Health and Waiver Form and bring it your first day.

If gyms are not for you, or you like getting your workout done early in
the day, Rummel Creek Women’s Boot Camp is for you. 

If you’ve looked into other boot camps, you will find that Rummel Creek Women’s Boot Camp is the best deal around – It’s FREE!
Plus we do not repeat the same workouts every four weeks like other boot camps.

At Rummel Creek Women’s Boot Camp, you will tone your muscles, lose  body fat, increase your energy levels and jump start your metabolism all while having fun with other like-minded women.



Memorial Middle School Parking Lot/Tennis Courts

12550 Vindon Dr, Houston, TX 77024

Houston, Texas 77079

WHEN:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:30 to 6:30 am.


  • Water
  • Thick exercise mat
  • Jump rope
  • Resistance band (red or medium)
  • A pair of light weights (5 to 8 lbs.)